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[Campaign update] Pljevlja residents protest against air pollution

Once again people from Pljevlja in northern Montenegro have taken to the streets to protest against the awful pollution that has been plaguing the town for years.

New agreement for Georgian Khudoni dam signals expropriations and tariff hike

After hitting a snag, the Khudoni dam in Georgia’s mountains is back in the game threatening to expropriate private lands and to bump up electricity prices for Georgian consumers. The controversial changes in an amended contract have inflamed the passion of the Svans who have for years tried to protect their communities from flooding.

Turceni coal unit in Romania shut down after operating illegally

The shut down of a coal-fired power plant unit is another great success for the climate and for clean air in Romania. Many more units may have to follow according to legislation on pollution limits.

Guest post: Italian mayors protest against the Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Local opposition in Italy to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is mounting. During a business event organised last week, a dozen mayors staged a protest against the government’s support for the project, who together with civil society and local authorities fear that the pipeline will destroy the environment and the safety of their communities. Instead they are demanding that EU drop the project.

Guest post: Plight of locals at Kumtor mine brought to Centerra Gold's general meeting in Toronto

Journalist and researcher Ryskeldi Satke reports on Centerra Gold’s annual general meeting where mining activists presented shareholders with information on human rights violations and the negative environmental and social impacts of the Kumtor Gold mine.

Guest post: Ombla must be protected, not flooded!

The project promoter of the Ombla hydropower plant in Dubrovnik, Croatia is still stubbornly pushing the project forward. A presentation yesterday of a new nature impact assessment did not offer answers to a range of outstanding questions, including the project's economic feasibility, impacts on locals and more.

All we want for Christmas is to be able to breathe ...

As you're gearing up for the festive season, spare a thought for the long-suffering folks in Pljevlja, Montenegro, and Zenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are fighting against serious pollution of air soil, and water.

Marubeni, hands off Plomin!

As Marubeni executive Hiroshi Tachigami attended today's Energy Market Conference in Zagreb this morning, Greenpeace activists hung a banner from the Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall in Zagreb, advising Marubeni to keep its hands off the Plomin C coal power plant project.

Zagreb residents protest incinerator plans ahead of new waste management plan approval

I had a strong sense of deja-vu today. On 31 March 2008, residents of the Zagreb suburb of Resnik held a protest against plans for a 385 000 tonnes per year waste incinerator which was to be built nearby. It was a sunny day and the majority of Resnik's residents came along to show their opposition to yet another industrial facility being built in their neighbourhood and to push for a waste management system built on waste prevention and recycling.

Balkan lynx stage protest at annual meeting of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

A delegation of 20 lynx from Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia today occupied a corridor in the Polish National Stadium in Warsaw, where the EBRD Annual General Meetings are taking place 14-15 May.

Their message: "EBRD, don't finance the Boskov Most dam, as it will destroy the forest in which we live and eventually kill us." The 20 delegates from Mavrovo Park constitute almost half of the little over 50 lynxes which still survive in the park today (the Balkan lynx is an endangered species).

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