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December 1, 2016
 | by Izabela Zygmunt

While it may seem like a gesture to coal-dependent countries such as Poland, the Winter Package of EU energy market rules, presented yesterday (30 November), will make using coal subsidies more difficult.

EU Funds
Energy & climate
November 18, 2016
 | by Ola Antonowicz-Cyglicka & Ana-Maria Seman

The European Investment Bank’s failure in safeguarding the most vulnerable groups in its projects shows it is ill-equipped to help refugees and host communities in the European Union’s neighbourhood. A new report explains the bank’s weaknesses in identifying and responding to human rights risks.

Social & economic impacts, Development
November 16, 2016
 | by Alexandru Mustata

Oppressive noise and a cloud of dust engulf the residents of Roșia de Jiu and Rogojel, villages located next to Romania’s Rovinari power plant. In a new video, Bankwatch Romania has documented the toll that producing coal energy is having on these communities that live near the lignite mines, transport belts and power plant at Rovinari.

air, coal, noise, pollution
Energy & climate, Social & economic impacts
November 14, 2016
 | by Pippa Gallop

Now is the time for southeast Europe to start an inclusive and just transition away from lignite, argues new Bankwatch research.

Chinese investors, Export credit agencies
Energy & climate, Social & economic impacts
November 8, 2016
 | by Ana-Maria Seman

As pressure from civil society and governments is mounting, UN and EU bodies acknowledge Ukraine’s lack of accountability for plans to extend the lifetime of its nuclear fleet. The country could be found in breach of international law. Once again.

EBRD, Euratom
Energy & climate
October 28, 2016
 | by Ioana Ciuta

Air pollution in the town of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina was above legally allowed limits on twelve of 20 consecutive days as measurements made by Bankwatch and the Tuzla-based environmental group Center for Ecology and Energy show.

Chinese investors
Energy & climate
September 28, 2016
 | by Markus Trilling

Europe is hemorrhaging cash in deeply unsustainable projects like motorways, airports and gas infrastructure.

EU Funds, EIB
Energy & climate, Transport, Resource efficiency, Social & economic impacts
September 27, 2016
 | by Beth Kanter

China cuts coal at home but state owned companies and banks drive new coal expansion overseas, despite top level promises of green growth for developing countries, writes Beth Walker from China Dialogue.

Chinese investors
Energy & climate
September 22, 2016
 | by Hugo Charvat

The Czech daily Hospodarske Noviny (English: "Economic Newspaper") is reporting today that the Czech Export Bank (CEB) and export insurance agency EGAP may not be be able to finance the Pljevlja II lignite power plant in Montenegro due to new OECD rules entering force on 1 January 2017.

September 20, 2016
 | by Igor Kalaba

The Stanari lignite power plant in Bosnia officially starts operations today. If we are to have any hope of tackling climate change, it had better be the last one in the region.

Chinese investors
Energy & climate