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September 19, 2016
 | by Fidanka Bacheva-McGrath

Almost one in four euros lent by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in 2015 went to authoriatrian countries. The bank has clearly decided to ignore its own mandate, or else it would have to considerably shrink its business.

Social & economic impacts, Development
September 13, 2016
 | by Karol Polanecky

How to overcome the stagnation in the Czech renewable energy sector? Ending the government’s crusade against renewable support schemes would be a good starting point, writes Karel Polanecky from Bankwatch’s member group Hnuti Duha, Friends of the Earth Czech Republic.

Energy & climate
September 5, 2016
 | by Dana Marekova

In a meeting today, the Espoo Convention's Implementation Committee will again discuss Ukraine's compliance with the Convention's rules. A look back at the last months does not suggest a positive outcome.

Energy & climate
August 10, 2016
 | by Karel Polanecky

If fossil fuels' grip on the Czech Republic's energy sector remains, as current plans and policies confirm, the country's support for the Paris Agreement will be nothing but a sham, writes Karel Polanecky from Bankwatch's Czech member group Hnuti Duha.

Energy & climate
August 4, 2016
 | by Anna Roggenbuck

What is a perceived source of security for some can cause instability for others’ lives.

Energy & climate, Social & economic impacts
August 3, 2016
 | by Sven Haertig-Tokarz

Two reports by the Serbian Center for Investigative Journalism take stock of the problems surrounding the planned Kostolac B3 lignite power plant, including a recent court decision that cancelled the project's Environmental Impact Assessment.

Chinese investors
Energy & climate
August 1, 2016
 | by Pippa Gallop

Just as everyone else was going on holiday, on Friday night the Montenegrin parliament approved two decisions laying the ground for the controversial Pljevlja II lignite power plant. But a look at the project documentation released by the government shows that the project’s economics only add up with some giant leaps of faith.

Energy & climate
July 26, 2016
 | by Xavier Sol

In a letter to the President of the European Investment Bank from July 22, the European Union's Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly has asked the bank to review its governance arrangements to help prevent potential conflicts of interest in the bank’s governing bodies.

July 22, 2016
 | by Ioana Ciuta

For more than 50 years, the lignite mines in Serbia's Kolubara basin have been expanding, effectively engulfing the few small communities living between them. For local residents, whose homes have quite literally been teetering on the brink of the mines, life has become unbearable. But a recent court ruling might be paving the way to a long overdue reprieve for residents who have been promised to be relocated.

Energy & climate, Social & economic impacts, Mining, Balkans
July 5, 2016
 | by David Chipashvili

As rains cause mudflows in Georgia's mountains, locals from different regions unite to protest hydropower developments in geologically unstable areas.

Social & economic impacts