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June 29, 2016
 | by Hugo Charvat

With hydropower and mining projects encroaching on their lands and livelihoods, Svan communities in Georgia’s northwest consider convening in an ancestral assembly to discuss their course of action.

Social & economic impacts
June 28, 2016
 | by Ioana Ciuta

The possible cancellation of the Serbian government’s decision to construct a new 350 MW unit at the Kostolac B lignite power plant was discussed on June 23 at the national administrative court of Serbia.

Chinese investors
Energy & climate, Social & economic impacts, Mining
June 27, 2016
 | by David Chipashvili

On June 23 mudflows from the Devdoraki glacier again hit the Dariali gorge and washed away a road and infrastructure connected to two hydropower projects planned in the north of Georgia. The destruction included the water intake for the 19 megawatt Larsi hydropower plant and the derivation pipes for the Dariali hydropower plant.

Energy & climate, Social & economic impacts
June 21, 2016
 | by Karel Polanecky

Czech environmental and law groups have proposed a law amendment to revive the disadvantaged renewable energy sector in their country. Karel Polanecky from Bankwatch member group Hnuti Duha explains their initiative.

Energy & climate
June 7, 2016
 | by Adriana Paradiso

MEP Georgi Pirinski, rapporteur of the annual report on the European Investment Bank, shares his views on how to improve the way the bank operates.

Social & economic impacts
June 6, 2016
 | by Ana-Maria Seman

Energoatom is currently unable to serve loans from European institutions. Even though a European Commission study assessed the company’s credit worthiness, Ukrainian taxpayers now have to pay back part of the loans.

Energy & climate, Social & economic impacts
May 30, 2016
 | by Miroslav Mojzis

In its EU funds spending plans, Slovakia has shown commendable dedication to making bioenergy more sustainable. Taking over the EU presidency in June, it will have a unique chance to apply its expertise to improve European regulations on biomass.

EU Funds
Energy & climate
May 27, 2016
 | by Pippa Gallop

Last year in the EU, 12.8 GW of wind power capacity was installed – more than any other electricity generation source. This means that wind can now generate 11.4% of the EU electricity consumption in a normal wind year, according to Wind Europe. At the same time Belgium and Scotland have shut down their last coal plants, signalling the golden days of coal are far behind them.

Chinese investors, EBRD
Energy & climate
May 24, 2016
 | by Dato Chipashvili

Protests against large dams in Georgia's Svaneti mountains have led to confrontations with police. Locals are losing patience over the protracted consultation process on the project.

Social & economic impacts
May 24, 2016
 | by Alexandru Mustata

After months of protests and the people in Runcurel, a small town in Romania that is to be swallowed by a lignite mine, have finally received positive news from the Romanian government. During a meeting with Bankwatch Romania and Greenpeace Romania, the Minister for Energy Vlad Grigorescu confirmed that the government will do more to protect locals and their houses.

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Energy & climate, Social & economic impacts