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Bankwatch in the media

Inter Press Service | March 27, 2013

A 300 million euro loan to improve nuclear safety in the Ukraine has been attacked by environmental groups who say it will instead be used to keep ageing reactors working well beyond their planned lifespans – increasing the risks of a nuclear accident – while doing nothing to address serious issues with the country’s energy intensity.

RTCC | March 26, 2013

Poland’s government stands accused of considering new legislation to limit the influence of campaign groups opposed to its plans to frack for shale gas.

Mad Mongolia | March 12, 2013

Despite the refusal by the Mongolian government on supporting Oyu Tolgoi Phase-II project finance process, World Bank’s “legally separate” IFC board has approved the loan of USD200-300 million. It proved that Rio Tinto is more convincing than the Mongolian government on how would the future events will unfold.

Reuters | March 12, 2013

Europe's two biggest public banks agreed funding for a lignite-fired power plant in Slovenia, sparking criticism from pressure groups which have questioned the way the project was awarded and its pollution threat.

Dziennik Opinii | March 8, 2013

Zanim opowiem wam coś zabawnego o pewnym banku, najpierw kilka słów wyjaśnienia. Nazywam się Mike Bonanno i jestem Yes Manem.

Information.dk | February 21, 2013

Den Europæiske Investeringsbanks kapital vokser, men det samme gør kritikken af dens investeringer i kulkraft. De er i strid med EU’s klimamål, mener både ngo’er og politikere, der opfordrer banken til at stoppe sine kulinvesteringer og engagere sig mere i klimakampen
20. februar 2013

EurActiv | February 13, 2013

Now that a budget deal has been brokered between EU heads of states and governments, NGOs intend to be uncompromising in tracking the spending decisions at national level, writes Markus Trilling .

euronews | February 10, 2013

L’Union européenne commence ce jeudi d’âpres négociations pour boucler le cadre financier pluriannuel (CFP) dans lequel seront construits chaque budget annuel de l’UE des sept ans à venir. Déjà perdu ? La migraine pointe ? Énervé ?

New Europe | February 10, 2013

As Kosovo becomes a member of International Financial Institutions, such as the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, alarm bells are ringing about which model of development these bodies are pushing in the EU’s newest country.

RTCC | February 8, 2013

A European commitment to allocate 20% of all funds to climate change related projects is hanging in the balance, according to observers at the EU budget talks in Brussels.