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Bankwatch in the media

EurActiv | June 6, 2013

A Ukrainian application for European funding of two new coal plants would cause massive health and environmental damage to local people from nitrogen oxide emissions and other related pollution effects, local environmental campaigners have told EurActiv.

Enerzine | June 4, 2013

Ce mardi 4 juin, Connie Hedegaard, commissaire européenne en charge du climat, sera auditionnée par les commissions du développement durable et des affaires européennes de l'Assemblée Nationale.

Le Canard Enchaine | May 29, 2013

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klimatterer.info | May 28, 2013

Die Europäische Investitionsbank soll keine Kredite mehr für den Neubau von Kohlekraftwerken vergeben dürfen. Das fordert Anna Roggenbuck vom CEE Bankwatch Network. Die Organisation mit Sitz im tschechischen Prag beschäftigt sich mit der internationalen Finanzpolitik im Bereich Energie, Verkehr und EU-Erweiterung. Anna Roggenbucks Schwerpunkt ist die Europäische Investitionsbank EIB.

al bawaba | May 28, 2013

They urged the EBRD “to reject the loan, or at least postpone its decision”

A group of NGOs have announced their opposition to a proposed loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to fund oil drilling projects in Egypt.

The EBRD is expected to decide on Wednesday whether or not it will provide a $40m loan to Kuwait Energy, according to a statement published by a coalition of NGOs including the Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights and European groups CEE Bankwatch and Platform.

The Daily News Egypt | May 28, 2013

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development proposes a $40m loan for Kuwait Energy to drill for oil

New Europe | May 21, 2013

On 21 May, Bloomberg reported that the Polish gas policy followed by the government has led many North American companies to leave the country. However, the tax measures haven’t become law yet.

Oilprice.com | May 14, 2013

Riccardo Puliti, the energy chief of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), one of the most influential government –owned investment organisations in the energy industry, has stated that it may begin to invest more heavily in coal projects.

Puliti argues that when looking at where to invest in the energy market it is not always possible to maintain an ideological policy on carbon intensity, and that other important factors must also be considered.

Ecologiae | May 14, 2013

Il carbone ci ha portato in una situazione ambientale insostenibile. Ma siccome porta lavoro, bisogna continuare ad investire in quel campo. Questa scriteriata scelta non arriva da un’imprenditore dell’ultima ora ma da Riccardo Puliti, capo della divisione energia della EBRD, la Banca Europea per la Ricostruzione e lo Sviluppo. In pratica una delle principali banche del Vecchio Continente che si occupano di finanziare i grandi progetti imprenditoriali.

Dalje.com | May 14, 2013

About 40 civil society organisations from throughout Croatia and international organisations, including Friends of the Earth International, Bankwatch and Justice and Environment, have sent letters to Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Suma Chakrabarti, appealing that they abandon the plan for the construction of a harmful and expensive hydroelectric power plant on the Ombla river in the Dubrovnik area of southern Croatia.