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Bankwatch Mail | February 7, 2003

In this EIB monothematic issue: The EIB's New Information Policy: Ask for Infromation-Test the Bank * Road to Ruin (EIB's Loan for Bulgarian E-79 Road Construction) * Money for Nothing (Questions for the Benefits from the EU Phare Project in Bulgaria) * Did EIB Loans Tend to Ruin Regional Railways? (Slovakian Case) * Participation for Better Planning Documents? (National Development Plan for Latvia) * Not Too Late to Put Things Right (EIB Loan for Construction of Czech D-8 Highway) * The Balkan Stability Pact: What is it good for?

Briefing | November 30, 2002

Background Information

The Greens Movement of Georgia and FoE Georgia are in the process of planning a campaign against the construction of a new coal power station that is supposed to be built in Tkibuli, a city in western Georgia. This campaign is being conducted by CEE Bankwatch Network and the energy/climate change sections of Foe Georgia.

Short History

Bankwatch Mail | November 7, 2002

In this issue dedicated to the conference Billions for Sustainability?: Conference Billions for Sustainability? * EIB Finances, Environment Pays the Price * A Fairy Tale for a Modern Airport * EU Transport Aid in the Czech Republic - Mixing Local and Brussels-Based Contradictions * Join Active Bankwatchers * EBRD Invites Public Comments * World Bank Rejects Controversial Gold Mine Project

Bankwatch Mail | September 6, 2002

In this World Bank issue: World Bank Issue: Theatre or Consultation? (World Bank Extractive Industry Review) * Romania's Resource Rebels (IFC Gold Mining Project in Romania) * CAS: Real Consultations Are Needed; Oil Funds "Should" Fund Oil Companies??? (Azerbaijan subsidising IFC oil project on the cost of social fund) * Baku-Ceyhan Pipeline - Confusion, Uncertainty and Unrealistic Expectations

Bankwatch Mail | May 31, 2002

In this special issue on the World Bank Extractive Industry: Anniversary of Kumtor Accident Highlights Extractive Industry Problems * Why and How?

Bankwatch Mail | May 6, 2002

In this issue dedicated to the EBRD AGM - projects, policies: An Inspection Mechanism for the EBRD? *"We see none of the money; none today and none tomorrow" – EBRD financing in the Caspian * The voice of nature has been heard! EP Environmental. Committee opinion on Kresna Gorge * You know, investors like greenfields.

Study | April 19, 2002

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - April 16-19, 2002

We, the undersigned, would like to express our comments about the Latin American Regional Workshop of the Extractive Industries Review, and to highlight several important issues about the Review, keeping always within an analysis of whether or not the extractive industries have contributed to poverty alleviation in our countries.

Limited focus and unequal participation and information

Bankwatch Mail | April 6, 2002

In this issue:
EIB: Join the EIB: NO REFORM - NO MONEY Campaign!, Why the EIB must be reformed * EIB Funding for Enron * Kozloduy Decommissioning Fund * Are the EU and the EIB making a habit of building highways through Biodiversity sites?

Bankwatch Mail | March 7, 2002

In this issue:
NEMAK Aluminium Work Project in Czech Republic: What grows in those fertile fields? * WB Forest Development Project in Romania: Remebering the Amazon * Sofia-Kulata Motorway Project in Bulgaria: The EIA procedure has not started at all

Bankwatch Mail | February 28, 2002

In this issue dedicated to the 'No Reform, No Money' campaign:
EIB: NO REFORM NO MONEY! EIB: No Responsibility for Development, EIB Information Policy * EIB - a Friend to the Environment * Bulgaria: Nuclear plant or EU Membership * EBRD to Fund Project Under Legal Challenge * Clear Targets for Climate Change Needed

Briefing | February 2, 2002

A case study prepared for the campaign "No Reform No Money"

The campaign urged EIB shareholder countries to condition the replenishment of the bank's capital on substantial improvements in public access to information, environmental standards, a proper development mandate, and appropriate supervision by EU institutions.

Bankwatch Mail | December 7, 2001

In this issue: Oil Terminal in Ramsar Site * K2/R4 Progress * Energoatom * EIB/EBRD Accountability * NEMAK Aluminium Project * ISPA Projects * Forest Development Project in Romania

Bankwatch Mail | April 6, 2001

In this issue: EBRD: Language Apartheid * K2/R4, Bratislava Bridge * Motorway in Bulgaria * Public Transport in Hungary * Pulp Mill in Latvia * 10th birthday of Espoo Convention * New Study on IFIs in Russian Oil Sector

Briefing | September 4, 2000

Located at almost 4,000 meters in the remote Tien Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan, the Kumtor gold mine is believed to be the eighth largest gold field in the world. In 1998, a cyanide and sodium hypochloride spill associated with the mine reportedly left several people dead, hundreds seeking medical treatment, and thousands evacuated.

Bankwatch Mail | May 6, 2000

In this issue: Caspian Oil attracts EBRD *Kumtor Gold Mine: Two years later *K2/R4: Is the Blackmail Over? *The World Bank exploring new ways of dialogue with NGOs *The EBRD Knows that K2/R4 Is a Bad Project *CEE Training Opportunity on Globalisation *Decommissioning Fund: the Long-awaited Solution? *Prague 2000 Public Awareness Activities