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Fuelling repression

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Europe's Caspian gas dreams - a nightmare come true for human rights in Azerbaijan
Blog post | May 14, 2015

More on Europe's intentions to import Azeri gas and on how oil and gas has strengthened the Azeri regime in the past.


Repression and carbon lock-in required for security and sustainability?
Bankwatch Mail article | May 14, 2015

With different pipeline sections of the Southern Gas Corridor going ahead, the infrastructure for Azerbaijan's gas exports to Europe is increasingly looking like a done deal. Or at least that is what the project promoters would have us believe.


Pipe dreams - why public subsidies for Lukoil in Azerbaijan will not reduce EU dependency on Russia
Study | January 21, 2015

The study explains why the Southern Gas Corridor, the EU’s new pet energy project, is not only unnecessary in light of gas demand projections, but also seems likely to fall short on the much flaunted goal of bringing energy independence from Russia.



Image credits: (c) RFE/RL / Radio Azadliq; Human Rights Watch / Giorgi Gogia; Daniel Janik; Aziz Karimov