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Bankwatch's governance structure

For detailed information, read our statutes (pdf)

CEE Bankwatch Network is an international organisation based on membership. Our members are environmental NGOs from central and eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and Russia. Member groups are the key driving force of the organisation and take the decisions about its development.

General meeting

The highest decision-making body of the organisation is the General Meeting, which consists of the representatives of full Bankwatch member groups.

The General Meeting elects:

  • The Executive Committee, which is a governing body in between the General Meetings.
  • The Review Committee, which is an internal control and advisory body of the organisation

The General Meeting also approves Bankwatch's strategic plan, annual plans, annual budget and takes other decisions that guide the network.

Executive committee

Between the General Meetings the main decision-making body of the organisation is the Executive Committee, which is elected by the General Meeting for a term of three years. All of the decisions of the Committee along with the minutes from its meetings are available to all Bankwatch members and staff. The Executive Committee appoints the Executive Director.

Review committee

An important check within the system is the Review Committee, which is an internal control body of the organisation and consists of three persons elected by the General Meeting. At least two of these people are not representatives of a full member of the Network and should not have any financial ties with the organisation. The Committee concentrates on checking the financial and legal aspects of Bankwatch functions and regularly reports to the members.