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Croatia drops plans for controversial coal plant

After five years of campaigning led by Bankwatch member group Zelena akcija/Friends of the Earth Croatia, Croatia's economy minister Tomislav Panenić has finally announced that the Plomin C coal power plant project has been halted.

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Zelena akcija and partners including Zelena Istra, Greenpeace Croatia and Bankwatch have worked tirelessly to highlight the harmful health, climate and economic consequences of Plomin C. The campaign involved around 40 street actions, panel discussions and other events, several legal and economic analyses, three court cases, a complaint to the public prosecutor, at least 40 letters to banks and potential investors, and communication with the European Commission about the legality of the project's state aid aspects.

Cancelling the project finally creates the space for Croatia to develop a sustainable energy strategy, utilising its plentiful solar potential and other renewable resources. It also prevents the country being locked into a high-cost carbon-intensive energy production model for the next 40 years.

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