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Energy lending for people and planet

With the energy lending reviews of both the EIB and the EBRD being over, this campaign will no longer be updated.

Success! Both the EIB and the EBRD have set limits their coal lending - although with different resolve.

In July 2013, the EIB followed the World Bank's example and strictly limited its coal lending.

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What followed was an intensified campaign by many organisations to convince the EBRD to follow suite. In December, also the EBRD adopted an energy lending policy that restricts its coal lending, albeit less strictly than other banks.

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The evidence - energy lending scrutinised

Stopping climate change isn't possible if a big chunk of public energy lending is still tied up in fossil fuels. The EIB has made a first step, now the EBRD has to do much more to support the transformation of our energy sectors.

Find the data in our studies and briefings


The need for unambiguous climate action

"Energy markets can be thought of as suffering from appendicitis due to fossil fuel subsidies. They need to be removed for a healthy energy economy,"

Fatih Birol, Chief Economist at the International Energy Agency

Numerous organisations, public figures, national and international institutions are calling for a phaseout of fossil fuel subsidies. Others have provided renewed proof of impending dangerous climate change and the urgency to transform our energy sectors as soon as possible.

The case couldn't be clearer that the continued support of energy production from fossil fuels is in the way of decisive climate action.

See quotes and studies from international agencies


The demands

NGO comments in detail

Read our policy comments

It is time to make a clear cut. We are calling to stop lending to fossil fuels infrastructure.

With a combined lending volume of approximately EUR 13-14 billion annually in the energy sector, a strict focus by the EIB and the EBRD on new renewables and energy efficiency could offer important benefits for Europe, its neighbours, and the world:

  • bringing us on a path towards a 80-95% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050,
  • create more jobs than lending in the conventional energy sector,
  • strengthen Europe’s positions in a future proof market,
  • send a signal to the rest of the world that a transformation of the energy sector is possible and desirable.