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Way off track in Riga - EU funds at risk for controversial tram project

In a relatively small country like Latvia, the general public is used to having its say and being able to influence things in the public realm – our opinion usually means something, and access to decision makers and communication with government officials is commonplace. Latvians, though, are not like the French, revolution is not in our DNA, and protests or strikes happen very rarely in Latvia.

EU funds spending plans in Estonia: The long and rocky path away from shale oil

While Estonia plans to use a large part of its EU funds investments for infrastructure projects in the public sector, there is no real political will to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Latvia and the Energy Union: biomass is a blind spot

To make sure Latvia’s energy path does not lead into a dead end for sustainability, the Energy Union should facilitate alternatives to unsustainable fuelwood.

Energy efficiency to the fore in Latvia's EU funds plans - but will it be enough?

As Latvia's authorities look to finalise EU funds allocations for the 2014-2020 period, the nation's energy supply – where it is sourced from and how it is being used – remains the elephant in the room. As in every economy, energy is a crucial sector, with significant influence over the overall national economy and its development. An ambition and a challenge for Latvia is how to improve its energy independence, and quickly.

European Structural and Investment Funds programming in Latvia - NGO assessment

At the moment from an NGO's point of view the Operational Programme of Latvia looks well defined and very promising in general. But the way how the OP is described at the moment is too general also for a SEA to assess the possible negative impacts on environment as well as for NGOs to consider that the implementation of OP could cause serious environmental problems, let alone the strategic direction Latvia chose to follow with support of ESI funds.

European Structural and Investment Funds programming in Estonia - NGO assessment

The briefing is based on inputs from the Network of Estonian Non-Governmental Organisations, the Estonian Council of Environmental Organisations, the Estonian Fund for Nature, the Centre of Stockholm Environment Institute in Tallinn (a.k.a Sustainable Estonia Institute), the Estonian Green Movement-FoE Estonia, the Estonian Renewable Energy Association and CEE Bankwatch Network.

Sounding out the EBRD's energy strategy: little ambition besides scrapping coal

At a closer look the EBRD's new energy strategy, complimented for the restrictions it places on coal lending, reveals a shocking lack of operational knowledge to implement the ambitions outlined in its executive summary.

How embarrassing: EBRD transparency ranked 'poorest' among multilaterals

As the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development revises its safeguard policies, the Aid Transparency Index ranks its commitment to openness and transparency as the weakest in comparison with similar institutions.

Leading green NGOs in Europe tell the EBRD to step out of coal

Brussels – As the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development today closes the public consultation period on its upcoming energy strategy, a coalition of the ten largest environmental organisations working at the European level, the Green 10, is calling on the bank to phase out fossil fuels from its future lending, beginning with coal, and to rule out lending to risky energy sources, such as nuclear and shale gas.

Comments on EBRD's draft energy strategy

Bankwatch's detailed comments on the draft energy sector strategy of the European Bank for Reconstruction suggests the introduction of an emissions performance standard at the level of 350 gCO2/kWh for the bank's fossil fuel lending. It also contains comments on other energy sources, carbon markets, energy systems, carbon capture and storage, nuclear safety, and in an additional annex it lays out sustainability criteria for hydropower development.

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