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Nuclear safety in Europe: decision-making behind closed doors?

European citizens don’t want to be left out of decision-making over nuclear power. But a recent meeting of the Espoo Convention reveals how concerns over reactor life-time extensions are being sidelined.

Nuclear accountability curbed by EU politics and industry interests

A meeting of the parties to the UN convention on environmental impact assessment in a transboundary context (Espoo) helped to showcase the influence that politics and the nuclear industry lobby have over decisions that have potentially severe impacts on European citizens’ health and the environment.

How Europe’s bank spends cash for climate undermines Paris commitments

The EU’s 28 finance ministers will be meeting tomorrow (May 23) to discuss the priorities of the European Investment Bank (EIB) for the coming year. A new analysis finds the bank’s contribution to Europe’s response to the climate crisis has been worryingly insufficient and needs to be stepped up.

The winners and losers of climate action at the European Investment Bank

This analysis of the bank’s climate action is based on the climate action database disclosed by the EIB. The database includes projects which were signed in 2016 and classified in line with the methodology approved by the bank in its Climate Strategy.

[Campaign update] Court confirms attacks on Ukrainian villagers are related to poultry business

The Court of Appeal of the Cherkasy region in central Ukraine sided with community activist Nina Martynovska from the Ratseve village who was brutally beaten because of her opposition to the construction of poultry farm facilities by Peremoha Nova, a subsidiary of Ukrainian agribusiness giant MHP.

The court decision from April 12 thus confirmed an earlier ruling by the Chyhyryn district court that the incident was related to “a conflict [...] over the chicken farm” between the victim and the attacker.

MHP: Is compliance with Ukrainian law satisfactory for the EBRD?

In spite of massive backing by public financial sources, Ukraine’s monopolist poultry producer does not implement relevant EU and EBRD standards, and the EBRD has said it is satisfied that the company’s operations are in compliance with national law, which is anyway not the case at present.

Beatings, framings and industrial chicken farms: a human rights briefing on MHP projects and international public finance in Ukraine

Ukrainian company Myronivsky Hliboproduct PJSC (MHP) is a long-term client of both the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation. MHP development has faced local opposition in a number of communities. Activists leading the opposition to MHP operations seem to have been framed for drug-related offences and/or beaten. Information on the incidents listed below is available in the public domain, however, they show only the tip of the iceberg.

Hatching discontent in Ukraine

In Ukraine, big agriculture uses unscrupulous methods to manufacture consensus for expansion and marginalise local communities - often with the support of international donors.

Concerns regarding the EBRD's Project Complaint Mechanism and recommendations for improvements - letter to EBRD directors

This letter to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's Board of Directors summarises civil society organisations' concerns regarding bank's Project Complaints Mechanism, specifically the handling of several complaints, and makes specific recommendations for improvements, based on experience with these cases and with the accountability mechanisms of other institutions.

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