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The dirty secret in Sofia's backyard - the coal dust that only comes at night

Brussels may fine Bulgaria for its excessive air pollution. But living in Pernik, the most polluted town in Europe, remains a hazard to peoples’ health as the results of Bankwatch’s independent dust monitoring show.

Planned power plants in the Balkans need review as EU adopts tougher pollution standards

The European Union has today approved an updated set of binding standards for power plants, which include new, stricter pollution limits.

[Campaign update] Pljevlja residents protest against air pollution

Once again people from Pljevlja in northern Montenegro have taken to the streets to protest against the awful pollution that has been plaguing the town for years.

Call the chimney sweepers! Independent monitoring shows for first time true level of air pollution near coal plant in Serbia

Smoke signals the coming of a polluted winter in Drmno, Serbia. Bankwatch’s independent air quality measurements show for the first time the alarming levels of dust particles near the Kostolac B power plant.

[Campaign update] Independent monitoring shows massive air pollution near Bosnian lignite plant

Air pollution in the town of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina was above legally allowed limits on twelve of 20 consecutive days as measurements made by Bankwatch and the Tuzla-based environmental group Center for Ecology and Energy show.

«Balcani, l’energia sporca costa 8 miliardi all’anno»

Source: Stefano Giantin, Il Piccolo

Due organizzazioni: centrali a carbone inquinanti, alto il prezzo per la salute. La Serbia: investiti 200 milioni di euro

BELGRADO. Fumi grigi che stagnano su valli e pianure, il tipico odore di carbone bruciato che ammorba l’aria, dall’autunno a primavera inoltrata. E persone che tossiscono, in città come in campagna. I Balcani sono malati.

Istraživanje zagađenosti zraka na Balkanu: Sarajevo i Tuzla gori od Pekinga

Source: Almir Šećkanović, Faktor

Kao posebno zagađen grad na Balkanu izdvojena je Tuzla, koja bilježi posebno veliku količinu sumpor-dioksida, što je čini gradom sa najzagađenijim zrakom u Bosni i Hercegovini.

Sarajevo je tokom decembra i januara u nekoliko navrata bilo zagađenije od Pekinga, koji slovi za jedan od najzagađenijih svjetskih gradova, pokazuju podaci evropske ekološke mreže Bankwatch, koja je izradila studiju sa mjerenjima onečišćenja zraka u pet balkanskih gradova, uključujući Sarajevo i Tuzlu iz Bosne i Hercegovine.

Kritični januar

Legal analysis: application of chapter II of the Industrial Emissions Directive in the Energy Community

This brief analysis provides a basic overview of how Chapter II and related annexes (esp Annex I) of the EU Directive 2010/75/EU (Industrial Emissions Directive, hereinafter also IED) could be included as part of the legally binding framework of the Energy Community.

Balkan protests show need for more EU action on air pollution - new analyses

Thousands of people took to the streets of Skopje, Pljevlja, Tuzla and other cities across the Western Balkans in December to demand action on chronic air pollution plaguing their communities. A new briefing shows that to a large degree these recurring smog incidents are the result of national authorities' protracted inaction. Yet, air quality could be dramatically improved if two EU directives are transposed into the Energy Community Treaty, according to two legal analyses also released today.

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