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Slovakia's EU funds spending plans: finance for the energy transition - where's it at?

Slovakia has missed the opportunity to use the EUR 14 billion of Cohesion spending to transform its largely monopolistic, heavily state influenced energy economy with its high dependence on imported fossil fuels and high carbon intensity.

Croatia's EU funds spending plans: Land of unfulfilled clean energy potential

EU funds could do a whole lot more to help the transformation to an efficient sustainable energy system in Croatia if the country adopts an effective strategy to get there, argues our research co-ordinator, Pippa Gallop.

EU funds spending plans in Hungary: the dark side is in the details

Hungary allocates a relatively high amount of EU Funds to energy but an in-depth analysis shows a lack of direct, non-refundable support in renovation of residential buildings, significant finance for burning instead of preventing waste and potentially unsustainable use of biomass.

EU funds spending plans in Estonia: The long and rocky path away from shale oil

While Estonia plans to use a large part of its EU funds investments for infrastructure projects in the public sector, there is no real political will to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

EU funds spending plans in Latvia: What's hidden behind the 'green veneer'?

The millions of EU Cohesion Policy money are choosing the 'darker side' of Latvia's renewable energy sources.

Bring on the money, don't ask for results. EU funds spending plans in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s EU funds’ documents tick all the formal boxes, but the carbon intensity of its economy will most likely not change much.

What EU money can't buy: Poland's green energy transition just out of reach

Billions of euros of European funds will be invested in Poland between 2014 and 2020 under the heading of sustainable development and climate action. But without sound strategies and political will to decarbonise its economy, Europe’s biggest coal addict is set to waste the transformative potential of EU money – and Brussels is letting it happen.

NEW REPORT: Misguided spending by enfants terribles is undermining Europe's transition to a fossil-free future

Brussels/Prague, 25 January 2016 – EU billions destined to transform the carbon-intensive, inefficient energy systems of central and eastern Europe are being misspent, finds a new report today by CEE Bankwatch Network and Friends of the Earth Europe. Bad spending plans and a lack of climate commitments from nine central and eastern European governments is hampering Europe’s transition away from fossil fuels, the groups say.

Misuse of EU funds holds back Europe's clean energy transition

The new member states from Central Europe misuse the EU funding aimed at decarbonising their energy systems.

Climate's enfants terribles. How new Member States' misguided use of EU funds is holding back Europe's clean energy transition

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This report published by Bankwatch and Friends of the Earth Europe shows how bad spending plans and a lack of climate commitments from nine central and eastern European governments is hampering Europe’s transition away from fossil fuels.

The research reveals that in CEE countries only 7 per cent of the 178 billion euros in European Regional Development and Cohesion Funds will be invested into renewables, energy efficiency and smart grids, and that the integration of climate considerations into all plans and projects – as required under EU law – remains superficial.

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