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Londonski biznis portal: Italijani će izaći iz EPCG

Source: Biljana Matijašević, Vijesti Online

Iako A2A nije objavila namjere u vezi sa EPCG, a nije odgovorila na zahtjev „bneIntelliNews“ za informacijama, analitičari predviđaju da će kompanija iskoristiti mogućnost da ode

Očekuje se da će italijanska kompanija A2A izaći iz svoje investicije u Elektroprivredi CG nakon burnih sedam godina, ostavljajući Crnoj Gori mogućnost da slobodono ignoriše zabrinutost za ekonomsku održivost, ekološku štetu i transparentnost zbog namjere da gradi drugi blok Termoelektrane Pljevlja, navodi londonski „bne IntelliNews”.

Nakon nekoliko mjeseci pregovora, nedavno [...]

European institutions accused of undermining Paris Agreement by funding dirty energy projects

Source: Madeleine Cuff, BusinessGreen

EU bodies including the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development are backing fossil fuel projects that threaten progress on climate targets, NGOs claim

Despite the promises made in Paris in December last year, key European institutions continue to fund dirty energy generation over alternative energy sources, according to a new report released yesterday [...]

UPDATED: New documents on European Investment Bank loans to Volkswagen

Documents obtained by Bankwatch provide more details for a European Investment Bank statement that its loans to Volkswagen may have been connected to the car makers use of cheating devices to rig emission tests.

Request for information on EIB loans to Volkswagen

Following revelations about Volkswagen cheating in emissions tests and about the European Investment Bank's substantial support for VW - including loans for research and development of cleaner engines, Bankwatch requested information on EIB loans to the car maker.

The bank provided highly insufficient responses. Read more here >>

Big plans for a small country - Montenegro's draft energy strategy

Montenegro's new draft energy strategy needs cutting down to size if environmental and economic damage is to be avoided.

The EU's bank is less ambitious than the US in restricting energy from coal

It may have been easy in the past for Europeans to bash the US for being retrograde when it comes to climate policies, but after last week it will get more difficult to do that.

First tranche of EIB car "crisis" loans requires scrutiny, warn Bankwatch and Greenpeace

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has today extended EUR 3 billion in soft loans to eight European carmakers for the development and production of cleaner vehicles. CEE Bankwatch Network and Greenpeace call on the EIB to ensure that money goes to initiatives with a true impact on cutting carbon emissions from cars and not just to small-scale greenwash projects.

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