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Regarding the Energa Hybrid Bond project

An inquiry from Polish and European NGOs to the EIB about its planned support of EUR 250 million for the modernisation and extension of Polish utility Energa’s electricity distribution network.

Support to fossil fuel projects from the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)

In September 2016 the European Commission published its proposal for the prolongation of the EFSI until 2020, to be achieved by amending the existing regulation. We welcome several improvements, but are concerned that they fall short of properly tackling the challenges and shortcomings identified, namely to provide additionality and catalyse the unambiguous move to reduce GHG reductions. On the basis of our in depth report Best Laid Plans, which analysed the 93 projects approved until July 2016 and further analysis of the EFSI entire portfolio till the end of 2016 under the Infrastructure and Innovation Window (IIW), we consider that the EFSI regulation needs considerable improvements in the energy area.

Reviewing the European Investment Bank's carbon footprint methodology

The briefing makes recommendations for the European Investment Bank's methodology for calculating greenhouse gas emissions, which is currently under review. It also provides case studies that illustrate the shortcomings of the bank's current approach - most notably its strategy towards supporting gas projects.

Backdoor for coal subsidies remains half open under new EU rules

While it may seem like a gesture to coal-dependent countries such as Poland, the Winter Package of EU energy market rules, presented yesterday (30 November), will make using coal subsidies more difficult.

New South East Europe NGO scorecard report shows mixed progress towards a sustainable energy sector

Progress – albeit uneven - is being made towards increasing sustainability in South East Europe’s energy sector, according to a new scorecard report launched today by a group of NGOs. CO2 emissions, electricity losses and energy intensity have all seen decreases in most countries in the region, but less progress has been made on increasing the share of solar and wind energy and tackling corruption.

Sustainable energy: How far has South East Europe come in the last five years?

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Countries of south-east Europe have outdated, polluting and wasteful energy systems. Change to this situation has been slow in coming. But are there signs of hope? This scorecard report seeks to answer this question by giving a glimpse into changes in the energy sector between 2010 and now.

Juncker’s extended investment plan is ‘greenwash’, say campaigners

Source: unknown author, ENDS Europe

Environmental NGOs have claimed the European Commission’s investment plans will “open the door” to more fossil fuel projects


Gas pipelines run over EU energy policy

Source: Terry Macalister, Climate News Network

Critics claim €3bn European funding for the Southern Gas Corridor energy project would undermine EU climate change targets and gloss over human rights abuses.

LONDON, 14 September, 2016 – Civil society campaigners have accused the European Union of pouring unprecedented amounts of state aid into a huge energy project that runs counter to its own climate change objectives.

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