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Western Balkans are massively expanding coal power - but the new plants may have to be closed again soon

At least 9 new lignite power plants are being planned in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia, but according to our new report their feasibility studies do not take into account the effect of CO2 prices. As a result, when these countries join the EU, the plants will not be competitive anymore and will need to be closed down – just like the many coal power plants in Western Europe that are now being shut. The taxpayers in the Western Balkans will end up footing the bill.

The ETS Modernisation Fund: Catalysing a locally-driven energy transition in central and eastern Europe

Energy Cities, Counter Balance, CEE Bankwatch Network and Change Partnership see the ongoing revision of the European ETS as a crucial opportunity to support the EU in meeting its 2030 climate targets, deliver on the Paris agreement and accelerate the locally driven energy transition. We welcome the proposal to establish an ETS (Emission Trading System) Modernisation Fund for low-income Member States.

Fossil fuel subsidies from Europe's carbon market

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The so called Article 10c of the EU ETS Directive allows lower-income Member States from central and eastern Europe to give allowances for free to electricity installations under the condition that they invest at least the equivalent monetary value of the free allowances in the modernisation and diversification of their energy systems. This briefing contains a detailed review of the experience so far and offers recommendations for the post 2020-period.

EU's flagship climate instrument used to subsidise coal in Central and Eastern Europe

The EU's carbon market rules allow Central and Eastern European Member States to invest up to €12 billion in coal powered energy production. As representatives of the EU Member States are due to discuss the EU ETS this Wednesday, the new publication "Fossil fuel subsidies from Europe's carbon market" adds momentum to the need to overhaul this policy.

ETS Modernisation Fund - catalysing the clean energy transformation in central and eastern Europe

Within the framework of the EU’s 2030 climate and energy policies, the Modernisation Fund aims to support lower-income Member States in meeting their investment needs related to energy efficiency, including financing small-scale investments projects and the modernisation of energy systems. Based on experience with funding mechanisms at the European Investment Bank, the European Commission and the EU budget, this briefing recommends several structural elements for the establishment of the Fund.

New facts are busting energy myths

Adequate decision making on energy policies must be based on accurate information and cannot rely on outdated knowledge and misconceptions. A new series of fact sheets explores the myths and facts of Europe’s energy sector.

The many faces of coal subsidies. A glance at Romania.

The case of two Enel investments in Romania illustrates how subsidies for coal power can be ambiguous, but provide very concrete disincentives for investments in renewable energy.

Poland's anti-climate gamble continued

Poland's application for free emission allowances is a disgrace to European climate goals. If granted, the country's fossil fuel centred plans would mean a step back for Europe's plans to decarbonise its energy sector.

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