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Babino Selo HPP Bosnia-Herzegovina

"To the best of our knowledge": How to improve the transparency and accountability of intermediated EBRD investments in three steps

Disbursing public money via private-sector controlled financial intermediaries (FIs) is a means to an end: reaching a larger set of smaller beneficiaries. It has its strong rationale, in particular when it comes to renewable energy projects that, in contrast to traditional energy projects, tend to be smaller in size and dispersed over larger areas. Nevertheless, these financial means must not contravene the ends that multilaterals such as the EBRD have in their mandate or the standards prescribed by their policies.

Nenskra hydropower plant project, Georgia

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is in the process of assessing a loan for the 280 megawatt Nenskra hydropower plant in Georgia. In March supplementary environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA) were released in order to bring the project in line with the standards of the prospective international financiers. Yet the new ESIA is ‘too little, too late’ for a project that is underlined by no strategic

River defenders gather forces in Georgia

This week, activists from across the world are meeting in Tbilisi to share their experiences of resisting hydropower projects and the money that supports them.

For our rivers, for our lives - activists from across the globe meet in Tbilisi, Georgia

85 river and dam activists from 40 countries and all continents gather in Tbilisi, Georgia this week to share experiences about their efforts to protect the world’s rivers and join their struggles against destructive hydropower projects.

Small is (not always) beautiful: small hydro development in the Western Balkans

This blog first appeared on Balkan Green Energy News

Pobuna za Bunu

Source: Marina Kelava, H-Alter

"Ja ne razumijem kako neki ljudi vole samo sjedit po kafićima. Ja to ne mogu, meni je draže ovdje sjedit", govori Aida dok promatra smaragdno zelenu boju rijeke Bune. Nakon što teče pod zemljom više od 19 kilometara, ova rijeka izvire na površinu 12 kilometara od Mostara u mjestu Blagaj. Buna na površinu spektakularno navire iz špilje, prizor koji privlači brojne turiste. No, i Buna se našla na meti projekta betonizacije BiH rijeka. Bankwatch je pobrojao čak 183 nova planirana projekta na rijekama u toj zemlji.

Quebec hydroelectric firm rides Balkan ‘dam tsunami’ in showcase of Canadian expertise

Source: Damon van der Linde , Financial Post

MONTREAL — Quebec has had an international reputation for hydroelectric engineering since the nationalization of Hydro-Québec in the 1960s. The construction of the James Bay Project — one of the largest hydroelectric systems in the world — helped launch the province as a leader in the field and that expertise is getting notice around the world.

New mudflow hits Georgian village as rainy season reveals poor assessment of hydropower plans

As rains cause mudflows in Georgia's mountains, locals from different regions unite to protest hydropower developments in geologically unstable areas.

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