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River defenders gather forces in Georgia

This week, activists from across the world are meeting in Tbilisi to share their experiences of resisting hydropower projects and the money that supports them.

For our rivers, for our lives - activists from across the globe meet in Tbilisi, Georgia

85 river and dam activists from 40 countries and all continents gather in Tbilisi, Georgia this week to share experiences about their efforts to protect the world’s rivers and join their struggles against destructive hydropower projects.

Major banks put up nearly €1bn for controversial Balkan dams, says report

Source: Arthur Neslen, The Guardian

Multilateral development banks are funding a roll out of hydropower projects in national parks, world heritage sites and conservation zones across the Balkans

International banks have ploughed hundreds of millions of euros into a wave of hydropower projects sweeping across many pristine national parks and environmentally-protected regions in the Balkans, according to a new report.

How much will the Macedonian hydropower plant Boskov Most really cost?

The total costs of the Boskov Most hydropower plant project in Macedonia will possibly cost more than twice the projected EUR 84 million, considering that many aspects have so far not been studied or remain unresolved.

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