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The EU budget: Unlocking a new vision for Europe

The key to unlocking a more inspiring and politically winnable New Vision for a strong Europe may well be the next European budget.

Slovakia's EU presidency: a chance to improve European biomass regulations

In its EU funds spending plans, Slovakia has shown commendable dedication to making bioenergy more sustainable. Taking over the EU presidency in June, it will have a unique chance to apply its expertise to improve European regulations on biomass.

Greening the EBRD's portfolio - or greenwashing it

No matter how you look at it, the so-called sustainable energy approach being taken – and loudly trumpeted – by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is simply at odds with both climate science and the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

UPDATE 7: Juncker on the investment offensive ... against Europeans, the economy and the environment

Labelled the €1.3 trillion investment offensive, more than 2000 projects have been identified by the European Commission’s new Task Force on Investment (made up of representatives of the EC, EIB and member states) for fast-tracked financing from President Juncker’s recently announced €315 billion stimulus plan.

Funny business at EBRD meeting: sustainability champion Garanti fancies coal

The Turkish Garanti Bank, one of the winners of the Sustainability Awards of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is among the main coal investors in Turkey.

UPDATED: A guide to examining the European Investment Bank's energy lending portfolio

A thorough check of the European Investment Bank's energy lending data shows that not all is as rosy as the EIB would like to see it. We've paired up with Open Spending to provide an introduction into how to interpret and scrutinise the numbers.

These EU citizens have better ideas for EU funds

Our competition for ideas for EU funds investments that benefit the sustainable development of European communities could offer inspiration for EU and national decision makers. At the final award ceremony in Brussels, the winners told us about their ideas and how EU funding could benefit their countries.

The writings on the European Parliament's wall: Make the EIB choose a brighter future

Ahead of the European Investment Bank's annual meeting, Counter Balance and Bankwatch have chosen an unconventional way to remind the EIB shareholders of the bank's chequered track record.

Video: An EIB holiday

Baffled by an EIB loan to a holiday resort in Morocco, our friends from Counter Balance - Challenging the European Investment Bank had a closer look at the kind of development promoted there and came back with this wonderfully illustrative video.

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