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Up in smoke: the billions for Europe's auto industry from the EU's house bank

In the wake of last month’s Volkswagen (VW) emissions scandal, a Politico story, based on a Bankwatch analysis, revealed that the car manufacturer enjoyed generous public financial support from the European Investment Bank (EIB). But the full picture is even more disturbing.

Another David vs. Goliath fight in Poland over road construction in Natura 2000 site

Road construction in Poland can be a cause for great controversy in Poland not least when incomprehensible roads designs clash with nature.

Trains, planes and citizens' mobility - Axeing of Polish airport plan brings calls for improved train connections via EU funds

As countries around Europe strive in the first weeks of the year to conclude spending plans that will guide how they deploy billions of EU funds for the 2014-2020 budgetary period, last week saw a welcome move in Poland with the shelving of a controversial airport proposal that had been in line for EU support.

Same old, same old - No signs yet that Bulgaria is getting real about how to spend its future EU budget money

With less than three months to go until the 2014-2020 EU budgetary period gets underway, a Bulgarian Partnership Agreement is being discussed with the European Commission – but the less said about it the better. In the spirit, though, of a country where a shake of the head means ‘Yes’, we have chosen to spill the beans at some length on where familiar mistakes are being taken, and where they may lead.

Of horses and roads - protests in Ukraine highlight lack of safety

Demonstrations in Kiev have shown that road safety is not only for cars but also pedestrians and other traffic participants - a lesson that the Ukrainian road company still needs to learn and that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development should be teaching more actively.

Campaign against Vinci's participation in Moscow St. Petersburg motorway project launched

While much of the debate around the Moscow St. Petersburg motorway project has centred around the behaviour of the Russian authorities, the Movement to Defend Khimki Forest is now targeting French construction giant Vinci and asking the company not to sign an additional agreement with the Russian authorities, expected in mid-April.

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