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Rethinking the EU Budget for Europe - online press briefing

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Next week the European Commission will release a proposal about the future of the EU’s finances beyond 2020. This reflection paper will be the last piece of Juncker’s White Paper on the Future of Europe, and will provide a first look at the possible funding arrangements for the five scenarios outlined by the Commission in March for the future of the European Union.

A growing civil society movement across Europe is mobilising around an alternative “6th Scenario” in reaction to the five scenarios placed on the table by the Commission. Civil society groups argue that the Commission’s scenarios do not address core principles of sustainability, democracy or the well-being of citizens, and fail to unite Europeans under a positive vision for the EU’s future. As part of the overall solutions proposed by civil society, a growing campaign across many Member States is calling for a reformed EU budget to help advance many of the key themes outlined in the alternative “6th Scenario”.

Leading civil society organisations involved in these important campaigns invite you to join an online briefing about their alternative, ‘6th Scenario’ for the Future of Europe, a vision endorsed by more than 250 civil society organisations from across the EU representing a broad spectrum of public interest issues. To drive this proposal forward, a fresh approach to the EU’s finances – a People’s Budget – will be presented as one of the keys to unlocking a positive future for a new Europe.

Speakers will offer short interventions after which a moderated discussion will ensue.

For more information about the briefing contact david.hoffman@bankwatch.org