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August 2016

Montenegrin power plant feasible only with creative accounting

Just as everyone else was going on holiday, on Friday night the Montenegrin parliament approved two decisions laying the ground for the controversial Pljevlja II lignite power plant. But a look at the project documentation released by the government shows that the project’s economics only add up with some giant leaps of faith.

[Campaign update] Impact Assessment of Serbian Kostolac B3 coal plant nullified, two investigative reports published

Two reports by the Serbian Center for Investigative Journalism take stock of the problems surrounding the planned Kostolac B3 lignite power plant, including a recent court decision that cancelled the project's Environmental Impact Assessment.

Guest post: Realities in the Czech renewable sector defy the ideas of the Paris Agreement

If fossil fuels' grip on the Czech Republic's energy sector remains, as current plans and policies confirm, the country's support for the Paris Agreement will be nothing but a sham, writes Karel Polanecky from Bankwatch's Czech member group Hnuti Duha.