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September 20, 2017
 | by Ana-Maria Seman

As the Georgian government moves ahead with its plans for increasing the country’s hydropower capacity, local communities are being sidelined in the process of compensation payments.

Energy & climate, Social & economic impacts
September 20, 2017
 | by Vladlena Martsynkevych

The controversial Ukrainian agribusiness giant Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) tries to handle community relations by putting publicity spin on the outcomes of a long overdue discussion with civil society.

Other harmful projects
September 20, 2017
 | by Igor Vejnovic

It’s been a hot summer all over the Balkans. A heatwave called Lucifer struck Albania, drying up its river and causing numerous forest fires. Since Albania relies 90% on hydropower for its electricity, the drought resulted in a significant drop in production, forcing Albania to import 80 percent of it electricity.

Energy & climate
September 14, 2017
 | by Fidanka Bacheva-McGrath

With crude manipulations, the Bulgarian government is trying to push through a contended motorway route that would damage the country’s biodiversity hotspot in breach of EU law and international conventions. It expects that the European Commission will sit, watch and pay for it.

EU Funds
Transport, Other harmful projects
September 11, 2017
 | by Mihkel Annus

An assessment of livelihoods of people to be affected by the Nenskra hydropower plant in Georgia contains mistakes that will lead to significant losses for locals.

Social & economic impacts
August 30, 2017
 | by Mihkel Annus

Despite the remote location, the culture festival We Are Svaneti brought together people from three continents and helped young Svans to become aware of their communities’ unique traditions.

EBRD, EIB, Export credit agencies, AIIB, ADB
Energy & climate, Social & economic impacts
August 29, 2017
 | by Alexa Botar

As a civil society organisation operating across central and eastern Europe, Bankwatch views its role as a watchdog on how effectively the EU funds are being spent in our countries seriously – with billions of euros on the line, we need to ensure that spending decisions are taken democratically, with transparency to the fore and with stakeholders having a real say in how scarce public investment money is being deployed.

EU Funds
August 17, 2017
 | by Pippa Gallop

New EU rules entering into force today, to limit pollution from power plants, will also apply in most Western Balkan countries. But the region’s governments are so far acting like they don’t exist.

Chinese investors, Export credit agencies
Energy & climate, Balkans
July 24, 2017
 | by Anelia Stefanova

With new legislation, Bulgaria’s government is trying to limit inconvenient civil engagement in projects it deems strategic.

EU Funds
Transport, Other harmful projects
July 21, 2017
 | by Selina Vancane

In a relatively small country like Latvia, the general public is used to having its say and being able to influence things in the public realm – our opinion usually means something, and access to decision makers and communication with government officials is commonplace. Latvians, though, are not like the French, revolution is not in our DNA, and protests or strikes happen very rarely in Latvia.

EU Funds