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October 28, 2016
 | by Ioana Ciuta

Air pollution in the town of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina was above legally allowed limits on twelve of 20 consecutive days as measurements made by Bankwatch and the Tuzla-based environmental group Center for Ecology and Energy show.

Chinese investors
Energy & climate
September 28, 2016
 | by Markus Trilling

Europe is hemorrhaging cash in deeply unsustainable projects like motorways, airports and gas infrastructure.

EU Funds, EIB
Energy & climate, Transport, Resource efficiency, Social & economic impacts
September 27, 2016
 | by Beth Walker

China cuts coal at home but state owned companies and banks drive new coal expansion overseas, despite top level promises of green growth for developing countries, writes Beth Walker from China Dialogue.

Chinese investors
Energy & climate
September 22, 2016
 | by Hugo Charvat

The Czech daily Hospodarske Noviny (English: "Economic Newspaper") is reporting today that the Czech Export Bank (CEB) and export insurance agency EGAP may not be be able to finance the Pljevlja II lignite power plant in Montenegro due to new OECD rules entering force on 1 January 2017.

September 20, 2016
 | by Igor Kalaba

The Stanari lignite power plant in Bosnia officially starts operations today. If we are to have any hope of tackling climate change, it had better be the last one in the region.

Chinese investors
Energy & climate
September 19, 2016
 | by Fidanka Bacheva-McGrath

Almost one in four euros lent by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in 2015 went to authoriatrian countries. The bank has clearly decided to ignore its own mandate, or else it would have to considerably shrink its business.

Social & economic impacts, Development
September 13, 2016
 | by Karol Polanecky

How to overcome the stagnation in the Czech renewable energy sector? Ending the government’s crusade against renewable support schemes would be a good starting point, writes Karel Polanecky from Bankwatch’s member group Hnuti Duha, Friends of the Earth Czech Republic.

Energy & climate
September 5, 2016
 | by Dana Marekova

In a meeting today, the Espoo Convention's Implementation Committee will again discuss Ukraine's compliance with the Convention's rules. A look back at the last months does not suggest a positive outcome.

Energy & climate
August 10, 2016
 | by Karel Polanecky

If fossil fuels' grip on the Czech Republic's energy sector remains, as current plans and policies confirm, the country's support for the Paris Agreement will be nothing but a sham, writes Karel Polanecky from Bankwatch's Czech member group Hnuti Duha.

Energy & climate
August 4, 2016
 | by Anna Roggenbuck

What is a perceived source of security for some can cause instability for others’ lives.

Energy & climate, Social & economic impacts