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Greening EU funds

For the European Union and its Member States to become more climate-friendly and promote the well-being of their citizens, the EU’s financial resources have to be spent towards consuming less energy and using resources more efficiently.

The EU 2020 strategy sets binding targets, yet EU funds are not doing enough to make this vision a reality.


Misguided spending by central-eastern European countries is undermining Europe's transition to a fossil-free future

Climate's enfants terribles: How new Member States' misguided use of EU funds is holding back Europe's clean energy transition

European Union Member States in central and eastern Europe (CEE) misspend billions of EU funds that are destined to transform the carbon-intensive, inefficient energy systems of their countries.

Whatever happened at the climate talks in Paris, we’re seeing EU funds being spent across central and eastern Europe for coal, gas and dated transport systems – locking countries into fossil-fuel dependency, at the expense of renewables and energy efficiency.

For example, in CEE countries only 7 per cent of the 178 billion euros in European Regional Development and Cohesion Funds will be invested into renewables, energy efficiency and smart grids.

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