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Publications on EU funds

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Bankwatch Mail | December 14, 2012

There will be MFF 2014-2020 closure, in some shape or form, and presumably at some stage in 2013 – at least, that is, when it comes to the European level negotiating and haggling over the future EU budget. But what comes after? With our long-term EU Funds partners Friends of the Earth Europe, Bankwatch is organising a series of timely events to remind how sustained and constructive dialogue between official institutions and citizens can result in highly rewarding initiatives – all derived from EU budgetary spending.

Bankwatch Mail | December 14, 2012

The economic crisis has accelerated the development of new financial instruments for the next EU budget period in 2014-2020. The main intention behind these instruments is to deliver substantial levels of new investment money from increasingly limited public resources in order to plot a path towards Europe’s economic recovery.

Briefing | December 14, 2012

Bankwatch’s Better Ideas competition invited ideas for projects could be financed by EU funds and that best contribute to the sustainable development in people’s communities. These are the winning projects in each of the participating countries.

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Bankwatch Mail | December 14, 2012

In the ‘aftergloom’ of two major inter-governmental get-togethers - the latest UN climate talks in Doha and the EU budget summit in Brussels - Bankwatch Mail 54 discusses the revision of the energy lending policies at both the EIB and the EBRD - an opportune moment for both banks to show real climate ambition and turn their backs on fossil fuels. In an interview the new EBRD president Sir Suma Chakrabarti shows that much is moving as the bank juggles such hot potatoes as potential support for Monsanto's expansion into our region while trying to lay down new roots in post-Arab Spring north Africa.

Briefing | November 19, 2012

Environmental NGOs strongly welcome the Common Strategic Framework (CSF) as an Annex of the Common Provisions' Regulation. It is a needed tool to ensure a proper implementation of fundamental principles and approaches of the Regulation that helps ensure that the future programmes will better contribute to reach the Europe 2020 targets, create regional green jobs, enhance economic opportunities and address environmental challenges. This briefing on the parts of the CSF which we support the most, and underlines as well several opportunities for improvements.

Advocacy letter | November 12, 2012

With this letter, Bankwatch, Friends of the Earth Europe and BUND/FoE Germany, sent the map of positive EU funded projects - Well Spent - to Chancellor Merkel, asking her to continue advocating for a quick agreement on the future EU budget 2014-2020 and to ensure that the potentials of green spending are being considered in the negotiations.

Advocacy letter | November 6, 2012

The letter is signed by 42 organisations, reflecting an impressive diversity of stakeholders with a unanimous concern: improving not weakening the partnership principle in Cohesion Policy.

Commissioners for for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Laszlo Andor and Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn responded on behalf of the European Commission on January 18, 2013. Download their letter as pdf.

Policy comments | October 15, 2012

Neighbouring countries of the EU from the Western Balkans to Ukraine are planning unsustainable energy futures relying on coal and nuclear. The energy strategy of the European Energy Community indicates continued reliance on coal and nuclear energy which could happen with EU support and financing.

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Bankwatch Mail | October 10, 2012

This issue is devoted primarily to the countdown to EU Budget ‘D-day’, and the negotiations now reaching a troublesome climax on how approximately 1 trillion euros of EU money is to be spent across the continent in the 2014-20 budgetary period.

We also round up some recent developments at the EBRD and EIB. And if you think that US presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a monopoly on private equity and tax havens, think again.

Bankwatch Mail | October 8, 2012

Investments in transport infrastructure, particularly in the road sector, in the Czech Republic are stark reminders of wider failures in the country's decision making that have left public confidence in national officialdom at all time lows. Some of these investments have also lead to hefty penalties being imposed by the European Commission. With planning underway for future EU funding in the Czech transport sector, now is not the time for the Commission to take its eye off the ball.