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The European Investment Bank's divestment from coal

EIB divests from coal

The European Investment Bank is currently reviewing its energy policy. Civil society is calling for a stop to coal lending, but will the EIB exclude coal from its energy investments? One day ahead of the EIB's annual press conference 2013 it looked as if it did...

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EIB coal divestment PRCEE Bankwatch Network
The @EIBtheEUbank will exclude all future coal finance as part of its new energy policy #EIBaquieuropa
European Investment Bank to offer no new loans for coal-fired power - Coal | Platts News Article & StoryLondon (Platts)--27Feb2013/1155 am EST/1655 GMT The European Investment Bank is to stop financing coal-fired power projects, as it seeks ...
EIB divests from coalCEE Bankwatch Network
This is truly fantastic news: #EIB has decided not to finance any more #coal projects.Tara Connolly
But it was too good to be true...
Some1 just sent out a release saying #EIB would stop funding coal power to "better align" with EU policy. #EIB say it not them. dearie meAndyAllanCO2
Fake press releaseFake press release Date: 27 February 2013 The EIB is aware that a fake press release on its energy policy has been issued today by a so-c...
EIB Says It Hasn't Made Statement on Energy Lending - Bloomberg(Corrects story after EIB says it hasn't commented on energy lending policy.) The European Investment Bank said it hasn't made a statemen...
#EIBhoax: @EIBtheEUbank seems more offended by misuse of #EIB logo than by death & pollution #coal funding causes http://bit.ly/15QkSNdGreenpeace EU unit
@GreenpeaceEU Does that mean you are confessing to being behind the #EIBhoax on its coal funding policy?Gareth Simkins
@GarethSimkins Afraid not. We fell for it too but realised pretty quickly that it was too good to be true... #EIBhoax #EIB #coalGreenpeace EU unit
EIB having to explain fake press release about ending investments in coal http://www.platts.com/RSSFeedDetailedNews/RSSFeed/Coal/8186432 #climateMeera Ghani
Yet, this wasn't the whole story.
EIB coal down awardCEE Bankwatch Network
For divesting from coal, the European Investment Bank would deserve an award.
EIB annual press conference gets interupted by an intruder who wants to give Hoyer some kind of award.Ian Wishart
The award is being handed over to the EIB's president Werner Hoyer.
EIB coal down awardCEE Bankwatch Network
EIB coal down awardCEE Bankwatch Network
European Investment Bank gets 'Coal Down' awardcounterbalanceeib
PICTURE: EIB annual press conference in @EUCouncil Justus Lipsius building interrupted by coal @EIBtheEUbank http://pic.twitter.com/ip4xvrhjoHMark Johnston
A bigger version of the award was set up outside the Justus Lipsius building, where the EIB's press conference took place.
#EIBhoax more to come today @GreenpeaceEU @mark_johnston @DaveKeating @James_BG @PlattsPower http://pic.twitter.com/3Wjo7k31t0Bankwatch
EIB coal down award - It's about youCEE Bankwatch Network
The action is over, but the story only starts here. The EIB has time until June, when its new energy lending policy is approved, to decide whether it wants to become a true climate champion. 
A bizarre hoax on the EIB | European Voice blogsThursday 28 February 2013 Late yesterday, journalists received in their inboxes a fairly standard-looking press release from the European...
"The timing put EIB president Wener Hoyer in the awkward position at his speech this morning of having to stress that the idea of the EIB giving up lending to coal was “pure nonsense”, while at the same time saying that the EIB is a leader in the fight against climate change."
Yes Lab Aktion: "#EIB finanziert keine #Kohle-Industrie mehr" verwirrt die Pressehttp://www.urgewald.org/presse/klimaaktivisten-wunschdenken-fuehrt-zu-eiburgewald
BREAKING: European Investment Bank insists they still invest in coal, threatens anyone who says otherwise: http://bit.ly/Wn6Cdw #Fail350 dot org
European Investment Bank considers legal action over hoax coal statementThe European Investment Bank (EIB) has said it is considering legal action after being targetted by a hoax email that falsely declared th...
@350 this seems really backwardsMason Wu