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For the Earth (Za Zemiata)

Za Zemiata is a Bulgarian environmental organisation working towards the establishment of a just and nature-sensible life on our planet. Za Zemiata's activities are directed towards limiting the unbalanced impact of globalisation trends through large-scale projects promoted and funded by international financial institutions and transnational corporations.

The organisation's activities include: raising public awareness about environmental and social issues; facilitating public participation in decision-making processes; promoting sustainable alternatives to environmental problems; preparing case studies and analysis and policy recommendations.

Za Zemiata informs the public about energy efficiency measures in the energy and transport sectors and is helping to popularise the use of renewable energy technologies in Bulgaria. The group also assists in the concrete implementation of some of these measures.

Za Zemiata is actively promoting sustainable schemes for waste management and provides support to local groups, NGOs and other affected communities in finding alternatives to end-of-pipe solutions for waste management.

Za Zemiata also co-operates with members of other environmental groups and independent activists. Za Zemiata strives to link its activities to international campaigns and world-wide efforts at achieving an environmentally-friendly way of life.


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 975
Sofia 1000,

Visiting Address:
Yanko Sakazov Blvd., Block 11 B, floor 1
1504, Sofia
Tel./f: + 359 2 943 11 23

Email: info at zazemiata.org