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Publications on EU funds

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Bankwatch Mail | March 7, 2002

In this issue:
NEMAK Aluminium Work Project in Czech Republic: What grows in those fertile fields? * WB Forest Development Project in Romania: Remebering the Amazon * Sofia-Kulata Motorway Project in Bulgaria: The EIA procedure has not started at all

Bankwatch Mail | December 7, 2001

In this issue: Oil Terminal in Ramsar Site * K2/R4 Progress * Energoatom * EIB/EBRD Accountability * NEMAK Aluminium Project * ISPA Projects * Forest Development Project in Romania

Bankwatch Mail | April 7, 2001

In this issue: EBRD: Language Apartheid * K2/R4, Bratislava Bridge * Motorway in Bulgaria * Public Transport in Hungary * Pulp Mill in Latvia * 10th birthday of Espoo Convention * New Study on IFIs in Russian Oil Sector

Bankwatch Mail | May 7, 2000

In this issue: Caspian Oil attracts EBRD *Kumtor Gold Mine: Two years later *K2/R4: Is the Blackmail Over? *The World Bank exploring new ways of dialogue with NGOs *The EBRD Knows that K2/R4 Is a Bad Project *CEE Training Opportunity on Globalisation *Decommissioning Fund: the Long-awaited Solution? *Prague 2000 Public Awareness Activities

Bankwatch Mail | March 7, 2000

In this "Jellyfish Issue - World Bank-NGO relations": World Bank-NGO Relations: An Overview * A Crippled CAS In Slovakia * World Bank Aids CEZ to Fund Czech Nuclear Power * Ripples from the EIB Report Reach EIB Executive Suite * Prague 2000 Activities on the World Bank

Bankwatch Mail | November 7, 1999

In this issue dedicated to participation: Balkan Groups Cite Investment Priorities for Post-War Reconstruction *Delta Lloyd Said NO to Nuclear Investment *Paving Over Public Participation *EU Accession: Is Anyone Thinking of Alternatives? *Czech Public Concerned By EU Pre-Accession Funding *CEE Bankwatch Network Goes West *EIB Supported Project in Storm of Corruption *Estonia to Lower Emission Standards? *Lithuanian Greens Stop Construction of Airport in Curonian Spit National Park *New Coal Power Station in Georgia *Macedonia to Become a Medical Waste Dump for the Balkans?