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Letters to EBRD regarding loan for Naftogaz pipeline

The letters were sent shortly before the EBRD's board of directors are to approve a loan for the Naftogaz Emergency Pipeline Upgrade and Modernisation project. Since the project has not yet passed through all environmental and social procedures, Bankwatch asked the EBRD's president and its board in separate letters to postpone the board decision.

Download the letter to the EBRD's president >>

Energy security for Europe or profit for Lukoil?

Despite the Russian invasion in Ukraine leading to EU and US sanctions against Moscow and major Russian energy companies, public banks supported by EU countries are just gearing up to offer a one billion dollar loan to Russian company Lukoil for gas extraction in Azerbaijan.

The Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline - another 'Blair rich project'

The hiring of former British prime minister Tony Blair to advise a BP-led consortium pushing forward with plans to pump Caspian gas from Azerbaijan to Europe has bumped the 'Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline' (ECMP) into western media coverage and lead to criticism of yet another unsavoury Blair consultancy.

Streamlining environmental assessment procedures for Projects of Common Interest (PCIs)

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This briefing outlines the environmental legislation related to investments that have been designated as Projects of Common Interest (PCIs). Through this briefing we explain for a range of stakeholders – namely civil society organizations (CSOs), local municipalities and national authorities – what are the PCIs and why these audiences should ensure that these projects do not cause undue environmental damage.

Who is Jan Kulczyk, the man behind Serinus Energy?

In the summer of last year, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) approved a 60 million euro loan to Serinus Energy for financing the development of four oil and gas fields in Tunisia (Sabria, Chouech Essaida, Ech Chouechand Sanrahr) between 2013 and 2017.

Same old, same old - No signs yet that Bulgaria is getting real about how to spend its future EU budget money

With less than three months to go until the 2014-2020 EU budgetary period gets underway, a Bulgarian Partnership Agreement is being discussed with the European Commission – but the less said about it the better. In the spirit, though, of a country where a shake of the head means ‘Yes’, we have chosen to spill the beans at some length on where familiar mistakes are being taken, and where they may lead.

Regional funding negotiations - Green groups warn against last minute reintroduction of fossil fuel subsidies

With the final negotiations aimed at sealing agreement on the EU budget for 2014-20 now underway, environment NGOs are warning that a last minute amendment aimed at permitting EU subsidies for fossil fuels that are devastating for the climate must be rejected by negotiators of the future EU Cohesion Policy’s regional development funds.

Oil for nothing: European energy security endangers livelihoods in Nigeria

A documentary exposes the practices and disastrous local impacts of oil extraction by European energy companies in Nigeria. Food for thought for ourselves and our political representatives at national and European level.

Tragedy or comedy, what is the Nabucco pipeline really?

The announcement of German energy giant RWE to reconsider its plans for the Nabucco pipeline is just the last in a series of confusingly conflicting signals regarding the fate of this gargantuan project.

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