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Bankwatch in the media

EU Observer | June 27, 2014

Friday's (27 June) gathering of EU ministers is the second time this month to discuss, among other things, Europe’s supply of natural gas.

EurActiv | June 24, 2014

From Croatia to Montenegro, shady energy deals plague the region’s economy, according to a report to be published today (24 June) during the European Commission's Sustainable Energy Week.

europolitics | June 23, 2014

The EU’s plans to import gas via gas pipelines or liquefied natural gas (LNG) are not only contrary to its long-term climate objectives but also unjustified in the context of the European Commission's predictions in terms of energy demand.

The Balkanist | June 3, 2014

As details trickle out about the costs of the tragic floods affecting Serbia, the costs to the energy sector are estimated at 100 million euros at Kolubara alone. This highlights the fact that such a centralized lignite-dependent system, as well as its human and environmental costs, is far from resilient in the face of serious weather events, which will soon become the norm.

La Vanguardia | May 20, 2014

El presidente del Banco Europeo de Reconstrucción y Desarrollo (BERD), Suma Chakrabarti, dijo hoy en Varsovia que la institución se involucrará en apoyar las reformas en Ucrania, después de que ayer firmase con el Gobierno de Kiev un pacto anticorrupción que acelerará los cambios en el país.

Safe Energy | May 20, 2014

One of the most disappointing aspects of the Ukrainian crisis has been the failure of many, especially on the left, to understand the nature of the revolution that took place there over the winter that led to the literal departure of former President Victor Yanukovich from the country, established an interim–and rather weak–transitional government, and set the stage for new elections later this month.

Emerging Markets | May 20, 2014

The EBRD will stay the course in Egypt, despite the severe political headwinds that have held back the bank’s investments, according to Hildegard Gacek, the managing director responsible for the southern and eastern Mediterranean region at the multilateral

ENDS Europe | April 7, 2014

Five new lignite-fired power projects in the Balkans are likely to breach EU air emission limits unless these are taken into account in the planning process, warns CEE Bankwatch.

Kiyv Post | March 11, 2014

Ukraine’s new leaders deserve praise for some of the moves they have made since coming to power after Viktor Yanukovych abandoned the presidency on Feb. 22. But they will need lots of outside help in managing the multiple political, economic and military crises confronting Ukraine.