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Bankwatch in the media

Liberation | January 6, 2014

Soutenu par une filiale d’EDF, le projet d’agrandissement du site titanesque et très polluant inquiète les écologistes.

The Ecologist | November 26, 2013

Ignoring its significant solar and wind power potential, Turkey is planning a massive 'dash for coal' with over 37,000 MW of new coal fired power stations.

Le Soir | November 26, 2013

Plusieurs ONG ont dénoncé vendredi le financement de projets d’exploitation du charbon, source d’énergie la plus émettrice de gaz à effet de serre, en publiant un classement des banques ayant le plus soutenu ce type d’investissement depuis 2005.

RTCC | November 26, 2013

An energy strategy released by the Polish government claims coal is optimal fuel for Poland, but doesn’t take into account environmental cost

Coal will remain Poland’s best energy option up to 2060, claims a report released by the Polish government this week.

As the United Nations gathered in Warsaw this week to hammer out a global climate change deal, Poland’s chancellery released its new energy strategy—its first since 2009.

The Guardian | November 25, 2013

Three UK banks are among the world's biggest lenders to the coal-mining industry, despite trumpeting their environmental credentials, a new report has found.

Dhaka Tribune | November 14, 2013

'Banking on Coal – Undermining our Climate' will be released on Friday during the UN Climate Summit at Warsaw

Two Polish private banks – Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and PKO Bank Polski – have been identified to be on the dirty list of banks that are heating up the globe, damaging the environment and hurting local communities, a new report says.

EuObserver | October 15, 2013

The European Commission on Monday (14 October) listed 250 "key" energy infrastructure projects eligible for quicker EU funding to the tune of €5.8 billion in the next seven years.

El Mercurio Digital | October 7, 2013

The Green 10 pide al BERD que no vaya a contracorriente y que actúe con responsabilidad sumándose al camino hacia la descarbonización

Financial Times | October 7, 2013

French prosecutors announced they will look into allegations of bribery involving Vinci, which is building a 43km stretch of toll road linking Moscow to St Petersburg.