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Bankwatch in the media

El Mercurio Digital | October 7, 2013

The Green 10 pide al BERD que no vaya a contracorriente y que actúe con responsabilidad sumándose al camino hacia la descarbonización

Financial Times | October 7, 2013

French prosecutors announced they will look into allegations of bribery involving Vinci, which is building a 43km stretch of toll road linking Moscow to St Petersburg.

Le Monde | October 7, 2013

Le parquet de Paris a annoncé jeudi 3 octobre l'ouverture d'une enquête préliminaire sur des infractions financières qui auraient été commises par une filiale de Vinci en marge de la construction de l'autoroute reliant Moscou et Saint-Pétersbourg.

ENDS Europe | October 1, 2013

The countdown to the release of the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is now on, and the outlook continues to be bleak, to say the least.

Responding to Climate Change | October 1, 2013

Poland could face further conflict with Brussels if it pushes ahead with two new power plant units, in violation of EU regulations -

Business Green | October 1, 2013

Coalition of 10 of the largest green NGOs want European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to phase out coal, nuclear and shale gas investments

eurasianet | September 23, 2013

Your article “Is Purported Extortion Video a Bid to Boost Foreign Investor Confidence?” tacitly suggests that protests against the environmental damage caused by the Kumtor gold mine in Kyrgyzstan are disingenuous and that no reliable reports evidence this damage, citing a leaked video as proof that the company is in fact a victim, rather than a culprit.

Georgia Today | September 23, 2013

A public debate over the fate of the Khudoni dam in Khaishi, a high mountainous region in west Georgia’s Svaneti region, remains tense. On September 17, as a public hearing on the issue was in progress, villagers in Khaishi turned out in significant numbers to the hearing to express their harsh opposition to the mega-dam project.

business new europe | September 23, 2013

In Belgrade city centre, protestors stand behind a dramatic black banner depicting the outlines of two fallen bodies: "2,100 dead in Serbia. EBRD coal kills," reads the bold yellow and red text.

The Guardian | September 10, 2013

The European development bank's focus on fossil fuels has had a negative impact on communities. It's time to change direction