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The Western Balkans and the Energy Union: Will the EU address carbon lock-in beyond its borders?

The Energy Union must find ways to prevent state support for the production of fossil fuel energy by the European Union’s immediate neighbours. The EU cannot afford to have newly acceding members holding up progress towards the new 2030 climate goals or watering down future policy making.

Southern Gas Corridor / Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline

The route and the three pipelines of the Southern Gas Corridor.

The Southern Gas Corridor, a system of mega-pipelines meant to bring gas from the Caspian region to Europe, is unnecessary in light of gas demand projections in the European Union's 2050 Energy Strategy. Neither will the project make European countries independent from Russian gas. At the same time, the USD 45 billion investments will boost Azerbaijan's dictatorial regime and cause damage to local communities and the environment in transit countries like Turkey and Italy.

Ukraine nuclear lifetime extensions require impact assessment in compliance with Aarhus and Espoo convention

On several occasions the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development stated that operations of its clients should comply with all international treaties and other legal obligations. In spite of these reassurances, Energoatom in Ukraine keeps ignoring its international obligations, as outlined in the Espoo Convention, in the processes of assessing the life-time extension of its nuclear reactors.

Letter to European Commission: Reconsider disbursement of loans for Ukraine nuclear project

In this letter, Bankwatch asks the European Commission to reconsider the disbursement of the Euratom and EBRD loans for the Ukraine nuclear safety upgrade programme that effectively enables the lifetime extensions at Ukraine's nuclear reactors. The letter provides evidence for the intertwined character of the upgrade programme and the lifetime extensions and for Ukraine's refusal to meet its obligations under international conventions.

European funding for a Lukoil gas project in Azerbaijan tramples the EU's commitment to both climate action and human rights

A USD 500 million loan for the share of Russian gas giant Lukoil in a major gas project in Azerbaijan has been approved yesterday by the Board of Directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Yet, the decision will significantly hinder Europe's commitments to decarbonise as well as to advance democracy.

Letter by Members of the European Parliament to the EBRD and Euratom regarding the Nuclear Power Plant Safety Upgrade Programme

Other versions available:
Scan of the original letter with signatures (pdf)

The request is made in the context of Ukraine's obligations under the Espoo convention, such that the EBRD and EuroAtom should "take steps for suspending the loan proceedings until a full trans-boundary EIA process for nuclear units lifetime extension is launched and carried out in accordance with international treaties to which Ukraine is a party."

MEPs challenge EU financial support for Ukraine's Soviet-era nuclear fleet

Twenty-five Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have signed a letter today urging the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Euratom to suspend their financial support for Ukraine's ageing nuclear reactors until the potential environmental impacts of their prolonged operation in Ukraine and on neighbouring countries are fully assessed.

The letter is available on the Bankwatch website.

Bankwatch input for review of European Neighbourhood Policy

Āris Ādlers, attīstības projektu eksperts Ukrainā, Gruzijā un Moldovā

Source: Momentuzņēmums, Latvijas Televīzija

TV story on the May 2015 agribusiness fact-finding mission to Ukraine (in Latvian).

Azeri regime stifles criticism ahead of European Games. European lender must finally take measures.

UPDATE 1 12h CET 12 June 2015

Platform have taken to the streets of London to protest the opening of the European Games. See a video of the action below, and read more in their book published Friday, All that glitters, which explores how the European Games belong to the Aliyev regime and the British oil company BP and how sport is being co-opted in the service of a dynasty and fossil fuels.


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