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Ukrainischer Strom: aus veralteten AKWs

Source: Barbara Ladinser, oe1 / ORF

Nach der Atomkatastrophe von Tschernobyl könnte man meinen, dass die Erfahrung mit dem Supergau die Ukraine zur Abkehr von der Atomenergie bewogen hätte. Aber das Gegenteil ist der Fall: Bis heute deckt das Land die Hälfte des Strombedarfs mit Kernenergie. An vier Standorten werden dafür insgesamt 15 Reaktoren betrieben. Aber laut Umweltschützern wurden sechs davon bereits über ihre vorgesehene Laufzeit von 30 Jahren hinaus verlängert. Das missfällt auch der österreichischen Regierung.

Lawsuits and complaints pile up against planned Bosnia and Herzegovina coal power plants

Sarajevo-based environmental watchdog Ekotim has submitted on Friday (October 14) an official complaint to the Energy Community dispute settlement mechanism (1) due to lax pollution limits for a new Chinese-backed 450 MW unit at the Tuzla coal power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

New life for old nukes in Ukraine means more risk for people and planet

A decision today by Ukraine’s nuclear regulator to extend the operations of another Soviet-era reactor has been made in spite of the country’s failure to implement fully the obligations it took on when receiving EU funding for its ageing nuclear fleet.

Guest post: China stokes global coal growth

China cuts coal at home but state owned companies and banks drive new coal expansion overseas, despite top level promises of green growth for developing countries, writes Beth Walker from China Dialogue.

Guest post: The last coal plant in the Western Balkans?

The Stanari lignite power plant in Bosnia officially starts operations today. If we are to have any hope of tackling climate change, it had better be the last one in the region.

For European development bank democracy is an afterthought

Almost one in four euros lent by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in 2015 went to authoriatrian countries. The bank has clearly decided to ignore its own mandate, or else it would have to considerably shrink its business.

Ukraine's nuclear energy fixation puts its European financiers to a test

In a meeting today, the Espoo Convention's Implementation Committee will again discuss Ukraine's compliance with the Convention's rules. A look back at the last months does not suggest a positive outcome.

'We have no other option' - Preparation of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline in Albania

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The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), the most western part of the Southern Gas Corridor, a pipeline project to bring gas from Azerbaijan to Europe is promoted by the European Commission as a strategic asset for Europe’s energy security. A July visit to over 30 Albanian villages revealed the high level of dissatisfaction and confusion for people impacted by the construction of TAP.

Sonnige Grüße aus Tschernobyl

Source: Bernhard Clasen, taz

Die Regierung in Kiew will endlich unabhäng von russischem Gas werden. Ein Solarpark in der Zone um Tschernobyl soll helfen.

KIEW taz | Mehr Sonne: Die Regierung der Ukraine hat ehrgeizige Pläne zur Förderung erneuerbarer Energien. Kürzlich stellte sie ein neues Projekt vor: Eine 6.000 Hektar große Solarfarm in der 30-Kilometer-Zone um die Reaktoren von Tschernobyl.

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