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New mudflow hits Georgian village as rainy season reveals poor assessment of hydropower plans

As rains cause mudflows in Georgia's mountains, locals from different regions unite to protest hydropower developments in geologically unstable areas.

Campaign update: Georgian mountain communities consider restoring long abandoned tradition to tackle threats to their land

With hydropower and mining projects encroaching on their lands and livelihoods, Svan communities in Georgia’s northwest consider convening in an ancestral assembly to discuss their course of action.

Campaign update: environmental and health impacts of Serbian planned coal power plant Kostolac B3 discussed in court hearing

The possible cancellation of the Serbian government’s decision to construct a new 350 MW unit at the Kostolac B lignite power plant was discussed on June 23 at the national administrative court of Serbia.

Household survey in Drmno shows negative impacts of Kostolac B3 project, Drmno mine

This sociological survey included 162 (or 65.9%) of the registered 246 households in Drmno, Serbia. It illustrates the bleak reality in the village where a large majority of households have health problems, cracks in houses and other negative impacts from the nearby lignite power plant and mine.

The document is only available in Serbian. See also Bankwatch member CEKOR's website [sr] for information on the survey.

Response to statements regarding CEKOR in the Serbian media

CEKOR, as a non-governmental watchdog organisation, has since 1999 strived to promote sustainable development in Serbia and has a strong track record in supporting local communities harmed by development projects to advocate for their rights.

Financial trouble of Ukraine's nuclear operator calls Europe's financial support into question

Energoatom is currently unable to serve loans from European institutions. Even though a European Commission study assessed the company’s credit worthiness, Ukrainian taxpayers now have to pay back part of the loans.

Nuclear financing through the backdoor

This action has been brought to a close. Thanks for your support!

While EU energy officials met on Monday, June 6, to discuss the shape of the Energy Union, we were joined by friends from WeMove.eu, equipped with your signatures and personal comments that you left while signing the petition.

Ochranári informovali ministra Sólymosa o stave ukrajinských jadrových reaktorov

Source: TASR, SME Domov

Upozorňujú, že predlžovanie životnosti reaktorov sa deje bez splnenia predpísaných bezpečnostných opatrení.

BRATISLAVA. Ochranári v stredu doručili ministrovi životného prostredia Lászlóovi Sólymosovi (Most-Híd) list, v ktorom ho informujú o podľa nich závažnej situácii jadrových reaktorov na Ukrajine a vyzývajú ho, aby konal. Informovala o tom nezisková organizácia Človek v ohrození.
Má vážne finančné ťažkosti

Westinghouse и "Росатом". Как украинский атом стал жертвой конкурентных войн

Source: Ольга Сухаревская, РИА Новости Украина

Захватив украинский рынок ядерного топлива, Westinghouse не только получил дополнительные доходы, но и экспериментальную площадку для совершенствования собственной продукции, что позволит ей впоследствии выйти на другие европейские рынки.

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