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Parliament gets tough on control of EU Bank's funds

In its annual resolution on the European Investment Bank adopted today in Brussels, Members of the European Parliament have criticised the bank’s support to projects under corruption investigations. They also called on the EIB to go further on fighting climate change, tax evasion and tax dodging.

Counter Balance and CEE Bankwatch Network welcome the positions taken today by the Parliament in this resolution.

EU's flagship climate instrument used to subsidise coal in Central and Eastern Europe

The EU's carbon market rules allow Central and Eastern European Member States to invest up to €12 billion in coal powered energy production. As representatives of the EU Member States are due to discuss the EU ETS this Wednesday, the new publication "Fossil fuel subsidies from Europe's carbon market" adds momentum to the need to overhaul this policy.

For European public finance, where will all roads lead from Paris?

Signing the Paris Agreement is an important step in Europe's contribution to the global effort to tackle the climate crisis.

But funding this commitment necessarily passes through the public coffers. To kick-start the much-needed energy transition– by swiftly cutting emissions to reach the global carbon neutrality the Paris Agreement prescribes for the second half of this century –a change of paradigm in public investments in energy infrastructure is needed.

Europese kredieten voor 'dieselgate'?

Source: Vincent Harmsen, Adriana Homolova, OneWorld

Automerken als Volkswagen kregen miljarden euro's om schonere auto's te bouwen. Maar waar werd het geld precies voor gebruikt? ''Deze leningen zijn verbonden aan het emissieschandaal.''

Europe's Keystone XL: Planned gas pipeline is reckless

The Southern Gas Corridor risks locking in higher fossil fuel dependence and wasting colossal amounts of public money.

Romanian city battles in court to protect its citizens' health

The Romanian city of Reghin wants its citizens to agree before a potentially harmful formaldehyde plant is built. It has to defend this decision in court.

Ukraine needs European values and Europe's solidarity

Ahead of a referendum in the Netherlands on the association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine, Olexi Pasyuk from the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine discusses the agreement’s importance for Ukraine’s civil society and why Europe must still improve how it engages with the country.

Six arrested in suspected corruption around EBRD-financed Zagreb wastewater PPP

The Zagreb wastewater plant public-private partnership (PPP), financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), has for years been highlighted by Bankwatch and its member group Zelena akcija/Friends of the Earth Croatia as a harmful project allowing the private sector enormous profits at the expense of the City of Zagreb and the public.

[Campaign update] Romanian government sued over unlawful expropriation of mining community

After decades of putting up with noise and dust, people in Runcurel, Romania are being told they are in the way of national interest. Together with the two civil society organisations, land owners are challenging the government's decision and the coal company's actions.

Guest post: Walking the line

Plans for the Southern Gas Corridor / Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline will solidify the west's dependence on fossil fuels and authoritarian regimes. A new web documentary shows why we should stop and think.

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