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The problems with industrial chicken producer MHP's expansion in Ukraine

MHP is at the centre of concern for local communities and civil society organisations in Ukraine, because of the way the company engages stakeholders, acquires land, and impacts the environment, water and the local economic development. Since 2010 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has approved three loans for MHP, totalling USD 205 million.

Whether or not the company is in compliance with Ukrainian law, local people think they are not adequately protected and do not have an equal voice against a large corporation if it decides to begin construction.

Agro business shooting star in Ukraine turns into nightmare for investors

The story of the defaulted company Mriya Agro Holding shows what risks investors and creditors are willing to take in the pursuit of profit in Ukraine’s agribusiness. Major creditors, including the International Finance Corporation and export credit agencies have been left with little hopes of recoveries. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has escaped the financial loss by a hair's-breadth.

Quantity over quality in EBRD food security initiative - Evidence from pig farms in Ukraine

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development praises its own achievements in the agricultural sector. A look at Ukraine, however, reveals how sustainable food provision, local communities and the quality of soil are falling by the wayside with the bank’s focus on big industrial operations.

Letter to EBRD: Complaint filed with IFC on Danosha pig farms in Ukraine

Local communities in the Ivano-Frankvisk region in Ukraine have filed a complaint with the IFC's complaint mechanism regarding the conduct of agribusiness corporation Danosha. This letter summarises the complaint's content and asks the EBRD to follow the complaint process and derive lessons for its own support of industrial farming projects in Ukraine.

Local impacts of Danosha pig farms, Ukraine

The EBRD is considering a loan to the Ukrainian agribusiness corporation Danosha whose pig farms in the Ivano-Frankvisk region have triggered numerous complains by locals.

Green agriculture spending culled in Estonia - NGOs demand proper use of future EU money

While the EU's future common agricultural policy is taking shape in Brussels, it’s not just there that major agri-business interests are flexing their muscles to take the ‘green-ness’ out of EU agricultural spending.

Good news: EBRD drops controversial Monsanto project

A potential cooperation between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the agro-corporation Monsanto has thankfully not come to fruition. The case highlights the difficulties for a large development bank to reach farmers on the ground.

Monsanto Should Not Expand Relying on Public Money

London -- Monsanto, the world’s largest seed producer and one of the most prominent promoters of GMO crops worldwide, is set to receive 40 million US dollars of public financial support via the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

European public development money for Monsanto? Whatever next?!

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development considers supporting one of the most criticised and controversial corporations on the planet, Monsanto. Reasons for deciding against it are plenty.

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