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The dirty secret in Sofia's backyard - the coal dust that only comes at night

Brussels may fine Bulgaria for its excessive air pollution. But living in Pernik, the most polluted town in Europe, remains a hazard to peoples’ health as the results of Bankwatch’s independent dust monitoring show.

Campaign update: environmental and health impacts of Serbian planned coal power plant Kostolac B3 discussed in court hearing

The possible cancellation of the Serbian government’s decision to construct a new 350 MW unit at the Kostolac B lignite power plant was discussed on June 23 at the national administrative court of Serbia.

Expert analysis confirms Croatian Plomin C coal plant is economically unfeasible

Responding to the lack of official economic data for Croatia's Plomin C coal project, a new analysis finds that the project is highly risky.

[Campaign update] 92 percent of public consultation respondents against Plomin C coal power plant

Almost all respondants to a consultation on the Plomin power plant do not want a new unit running on coal.

Guest post: Pljevlja shareholder A2A must resist pressure to build new lignite unit in Montenegro

Montenegro's government is pushing hard for the construction of a new unit at the Pljevlja lignite-fired power plant. NGOs are encouraging the major shareholder company to not give in to this pressure, writes Jelena Marojević Galić from Green Home.

UPDATE 7: Juncker on the investment offensive ... against Europeans, the economy and the environment

Labelled the €1.3 trillion investment offensive, more than 2000 projects have been identified by the European Commission’s new Task Force on Investment (made up of representatives of the EC, EIB and member states) for fast-tracked financing from President Juncker’s recently announced €315 billion stimulus plan.

Cross-border coal pollution for the first time under scrutiny by UN body

A new unit at the Kostolac coal-fired power plant in Serbia is the first coal project to be considered by the Espoo Convention Implementation Committee for transboundary impacts.

The future is ash-grey for people in Turceni, Romania

People in the Submaidane-Turceni area in Romania live their lives in coal ash that still hasn’t been cleaned up after an accident that took place in December 2013 at an ash deposit belonging to the Oltenia Energy Complex in Turceni.

Guest post: EBRD justification for supporting coal in Egypt's cement industry is negligent

Colleagues from the Egyptian Centre of Economic and Social Rights criticise the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s too lax approach when examining its activities in Egypt’s cement sector.

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