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Our staff

Executive committee

Ionut Apostol (Greenpeace, Romania) - email
Istvan Farkas (National Society of Conservationists, Hungary) - email
Roman Havlicek (CEPA-Friends of the Earth Slovakia) - email
Nevena Smilevska (Ekosvest, Macedonia) - email
Desislava Stoyanova (Za Zemiata, Bulgaria) - email

Management team

Mark Fodor, executive director - email
Anelia Stefanova, programme director - email
Petr Hlobil, campaigns director - email
Stana Smahova, finance director - email

Finance team

Stana Smahova, finance director - email
Miroslava Honcova, finance coordinator - email
Tomas Funka - finance coordinator email
Zuzana Kubesova, finance assistant - email
Hana Srumova, accountant - email

Team, campaign and policy coordinators

Anna Roggenbuck, EIB policy officer - email
Fidanka Bacheva-McGrath, EBRD campaign coordinator - email
David Holyoake, EU policy officer - email
Ioana Ciuta, energy coordinator - email
Pippa Gallop, research coordinator - email
David Hoffman, media coordinator - email
Plamena Georgieva, grant writer / fundraising - email
Olexi Pasyuk, Caucasus and Central Asia coordinator - email
Manana Kochladze, European neighbourhood policy - email

National campaigners

Mihkel Annus (Estonia), agribusiness, hydropower - email
Ola Antonowicz-Cyglicka (Poland), development, tax justice, energy grab - email
Alexa Botar (Hungary), extractive industries - email
Akos Eger (Hungary), energy, local economies, EU funds - email
Dato Chipashvili (Georgia), hydropower - email
Ana Colovic (Macedonia), hydropower, IPA funds - email
Dan Heuer (Czech Republic), energy - email
Iryna Holovko (Ukraine), nuclear energy - email
Zvezdan Kalmar (Serbia), extractive industries, coal - email
Genady Kondarev (Bulgaria), extractive industries - email
Alexandru Mustata (Romania), energy, coal, mining - email
Juraj Melichar (Slovakia), EU funds, local economies - email
Dana Marekova (Slovakia), nuclear energy, hydropower - email
Ana-Maria Seman (Romania), development, nuclear energy, hydro - email
Barbora Urbanova (Czech Republic), energy transformation, EU funds - email
Selina Vancane (Latvia), EU funds, Energy Union - email
Igor Vejnovic (Czech Republic), Balkan hydro campaigner - email
Izabela Zygmunt (Poland), EU funds, energy - email

Support staff

Sven Haertig-Tokarz (Poland), web editor - email
Ido Liven (Poland), media officer - email
Vladlena Martsynkevych (Ukraine), Caucasus & Central Asia officer, extractive industries - email
Klara Sikorova (Czech Republic), senior researcher - email
Pavel Skala (Czech Republic), office manager - email
Wawa Wang, Public Finance Policy officer - email